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Justin Haskins, '11
Justin Haskins (RSG ’11) is a writer, a journalist, and the editor for The Heartland Institute. He came to RSG in 2010 seeking an M.A. in government and international relations, but left with much more than a master’s degree.

Nataliya Khom'yak, '03

Nataliya Khom’yak (SBL, ’03) is the Director of Operations at Orphan’s Promise, a special ministry under the purview of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) with a “vision of taking orphans and vulnerable children from at risk situations into thriving environments.”

Ron Atkinson, '95

Ron Atkinson (SCA, ’95) runs Urban Stock House, a cause founded visual content company, and is passionate about finding Christian homes for foreign exchange students. 

Matthew Dussia, '08

Captain Matthew Dussia (SOD, 08) serves as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force and was recently recognized as the 2014 Air Combat Command's Chaplain of the Year.

Kristen Waggoner '97
Kristen Waggoner ’97 is the Senior Vice President of Legal Services and Senior Counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a legal organization that advocates for people’s right to live out their faith

Robert Kay ('14)
Dr. Robert Kay graduated from the School of Psychology and Counseling with his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2015 and now works as an Associate Psychologist with the Office of Mental Health in the New York State prison system.

Mike Myers ('12)
Mike Myers is the founder and headmaster of Dayspring Christian Academy, a Principle Approach school located in Lancaster Pennsylvania, and recently finished his Ed.D. at Regent's School of Education in 2012.

Nigel Anderson ('10)
Nigel “Legin” Anderson (CAS, ’10) is a rapper and founder of Renaissance Movement Music, a Christian hip-hop label whose goal is to challenge the culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Godly music.

Dan Yoon ('13)
Dan Yoon (SOD, '13) is the Young Adult Pastor at New Life Church of Virginia Beach, and is also its Service Pastor for the Video Café of its Kempsville Campus.

Jennifer Elvgren ('94)
Jennifer Elvgren (SCA, ’94) is an author whose most recent book,The Whispering Town, has won numerous international children’s book awards, one of which has provided her the opportunity to give a speech at the United Nations. The Whispering Town is a picture book set in 1943 Nazi-occupied Denmark.

David Burkus ('12)
Dr. David Burkus is an award winning assistant professor of management at Oral Roberts University and an author of the recent book, The Myths of Creativity.

Lydia D'Ross ('09)

Alumna Lydia D'Ross (GOV, '09) resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma and holds a number of positions in public service, disaster relief, and spiritual care. This January, she was elected as the Oklahoma State Director for the United States National Prayer Council (NPC), and is the founder and president of the National Hispanic Disaster Relief Network.

Delceno Miles ('14)
Delceno Miles (SCA, '14) is the founder and president of The Miles Agency, a virtual niche public relations and marketing firm.

Scott La Point ('14)
Scott La Point (SPC, '14) never expected that he would leave a career in journalism to pursue a doctorate in psychology, but the prospect of helping people experiencing the pain and turmoil of a brain injury or neurological disorder drew him to obtain his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University.

John Mullins ('11)
John Mullins is a certified John Maxwell coach and serves as a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard Reserves. During John's time studying on campus in 2011, he attended an Executive Leadership Series Luncheon (ELS) where Dr. John C. Maxwell was the keynote speaker and was inspired by Maxwell's vision of joining leaders from each profession and organization from all corners of the globe.

Kenton Lee ('08)
Kenton Lee (SBL, '08) was inspired to design a better shoe by a visit to an AIDS/HIV orphanage in Kenya and engineered The Shoe That Grows.

Jerry Hannah ('99)
Jerry Hannah (SOD, '99), retired military and a retired minister, has accomplished much over his multiple careers. He recently wrote a book entitled ​Christianity and Islam: Fractured Family at War?​ with the goal of informing Christians about Islam.

Tomasz Kmiec ('14)
Tom Kmiec (RSG, '14) enrolled in the Robertson School of Government as a Canadian student who wanted to learn more about the American system. Recently, Tom decided to take the next step in his career in government and was nominated as the Conservative Party candidate for Calgary Shepard to compete in the next Canadian election set for October 19, 2015.

Darron Enns ('14)
Darron Enns, J.D. ('14), a California resident and graduate of the Regent Law School, recently became a Legislative Policy Analyst for the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office. He said, "What immediately drew me to Regent was that I noticed something different about Regent faculty and alumni - the light of Christ was shining through them."

Jimmy Schambach ('14)

Jimmy Schambach (SOD,’14) works with a ministry called M28, which is devoted to helping men and women who are in major life transitions as a result of substance abuse, incarceration, homelessness, and human trafficking.

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