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Shawn Tuma ('99)
Shawn Tuma (Law, '99) is in the private practice of law that focuses on cutting-edge cyber, technology, and digital information law which include issues like helping businesses defend their data and intellectual property against computer fraud, data breaches, hacking, corporate espionage, and insider theft. His practice also involves advising clients on privacy law, online disparagement, social media law, and general business litigation and intellectual property litigation.

Larry Provost ('06)
Employed at The American Legion, Larry Provost (RSG, '06) seeks to take the mission of Christian Leadership to Change the World by offering assistance to Army and Air Force veterans who do not have an honorable discharge. "It is an extremely redemptive position and The American Legion is the only Veteran's organization that provides this service, free of charge, on a regular basis."

Emily Hervey ('12)
Emily Hervey ('12) serves as the chief editor for the new Journal of Cross-Cultural Family Studies and the CEO for Worldwide Writings, LLC, which is a small publishing company. A published author, Emily has written a family workbook called "Setting Sail" and will soon publish "Glorifying God at the Rocks of Remembrance."

Jeremy Ziegler ('13)
Jeremy (SOD, '13), a "pastor's kid" from New Orleans and one of four brothers in ministry, and his wife Amee along with their two sons are busily planting Redemption Community Church in NYC north metro area. After 10 years working in church ministry of various kinds, Jeremy sensed a call to start a new congregation that would meet the spiritual needs of those in central Westchester County. The vision for the church and its purpose in the community and world is held in the name, Redemption. The church will officially launch on September 28, 2014.

Harold Biswas ('01)

Harold Biswas (SBL, '01), left his native country of Bangladesh in the fall of 1999 to come to Regent University as a MBA student. Now a part of a large global supply chain solutions company in Atlanta, Harold is working as the Market Segmentation Manager for the company’s Customer Segmentation and Growth strategy.  

Peyton Harris ('91)
From Virginia to Kazakhstan to Turkey, the Harris' are and have been busy sharing the Gospel. The Harris' have ministered through churches and various services to local communities, including English conversation clubs, helping over 150 special needs children and orphans and teaching academic courses, among other things, in Kazakhstan and Turkey after pastoring in the U.S. The Harris' continue to bless and share God's love and truth with locals and expats in Turkey through the Nations Church, Instanbul and English clubs.

Jonathan Olive ('10)
Jonathan Olive (COM, '10) is a feature film editor who takes all of the footage that has been shot on location and edits it into a sequence that tells a story. Blessed to have gotten his first chance as an editor on 'Dog Days of Summer,' Olive's name began to be spread by word of mouth and he went on to work on five more films.

Sarah Peoples Perry ('92)
School of Education alumna, Sarah Peoples Perry (SOE, '92), has spent more than 40 years working in the education community. As a teacher in the Norfolk Public School System and later as the Academic Program Coordinator in the United Arab Emirates, Sarah has been taking her Christian leadership across the globe and changing the world around her.

Matt Trollinger ('08)
Matt Trollinger (Law, '08) works to protect the rights of injured workers and victims of negligence in the Washington, D.C. areas as a personal injury and workers compensation attorney at Alpert Schreyer, LLC.

Bonnie Ford ('08)
Originally from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Bonnie Ford (RSG, COM, '08) recently joined the Executive Alumni Board (EAB) as the representative for the School of Government. A Government Affinity Chair for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter, Ford is currently working as an associate professor for two community colleges.

Dori Fileccia ('13)
In addition to being a full time wife, mother, graduate student and director of operations for an executive leadership/recruitment firm, Dori Fileccia (CAS, '13) is investing her time and talents in impacting the local and international community.

Robert Skead ('93)
The author of multiple children's books, Robert Skead (COM, 1993) says of his writing, "I get ideas for stories and I never know when one might hit me. I could be at a New Jersey Nets game, watching TV or looking at an old baseball bat. If the idea is good and big, I write it. And rewrite it. Again and again. Until it's just right. I guess you could say generating story ideas and writing is my gift."

Andrea Williams ('13)
Andrea Williams (SBL, '13), and the I Will Stand International team are working to rescue and heal some of the most vulnerable and abused members of society. "Rescuing, restoring, equipping, and empowering vulnerable women and children around the world is the mission and purpose of I Will Stand International. 

Nathalie Jeter ('04)
When Nathalie Jeter (RSG '04, COM '04) came to Regent in 2001, she was intent on earning her two degrees and then getting on as quickly as possible with the business of changing the world. But God has other plans. Born and raised in Paris, France, Nathalie combines her travel experience with her Regent training to write travel guidebooks that have a unique twist.

Justin Murff ('13)
Prior to coming to Regent University, Justin Murff (RSG, '13) was active in local and international politics and media in Vienna, Austria. He came to Regent looking for an excellent education rooted in Christian service which brought him to the Robertson School of Government in 2011.

Nathan McGrath ('10)
Before entering law school at Regent, Nathan McGrath (Law, '10) earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Grove City College and worked as a Legislative Assistant for a United States Congressman. After graduation, he worked in private practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before being hired by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. in 2012.

Ed Hersh ('01)
Ed Hersh (SPC, '01) spends his time inn-keeping, counseling, and training in Lancaster, PA. With a background in counseling and ministry, Ed is using his gifts to assist others to find peace and rest both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Darren Shearer ('10)
Darren Shearer (DIV, '10) is a proponent of marketplace Christianity. He says that he knew going into Regent's School of Divinity that he was not called to be a "minister" in the typical understanding of the word, but wanted the foundation that the School of Divinity would provide as he pursued business and other ventures. Building off of his own experience and training, Darren and his wife Marie, who also attended Regent, founded the High Bridge Publishing Company,

Jada Jackson ('09) & ('10)

Jada Jackson (CAS ’09, and SPC ’10), supermodel, professional counselor, radio talk show host and TV news show host is quick to give God the glory.  Using her platform for Him, Jada says that her faith in God “is the core of who I am.” Coming out of difficult circumstances, Jada has become an influential woman who is passionate to impact lives for the Lord.   

Randall Bach ('08)
Randall Bach (SBL, '08) was elected to be the President of Open Bible Churches in 2011, after serving with the organization since he was in college. The mission of Open Bible Churches is to "make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and send missionaries." Bach started serving at Open Bible College as a part time staff person and by age 24 became the vice president and at age 29 he became the college president. He says of that experience, " I could not possibly have been qualified, but I responded to the call."

Elizabeth Hunter, '05

Dr. Elizabeth Hunter (SOE, '05) is currently serving as the President of the Virginia Council for Exceptional Children. She is also a faculty member at the SOE where she teaches in the M.Ed. K-12 Special Education & Reading Specialist programs and the Ed.S. Educational Leadership with Special Education emphasis program.