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Delceno Miles ('14)
Delceno Miles (SCA, '14) is the founder and president of The Miles Agency, a virtual niche public relations and marketing firm.

Scott La Point ('14)
Scott La Point (SPC, '14) never expected that he would leave a career in journalism to pursue a doctorate in psychology, but the prospect of helping people experiencing the pain and turmoil of a brain injury or neurological disorder drew him to obtain his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University.

John Mullins ('11)
John Mullins is a certified John Maxwell coach and serves as a Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard Reserves. During John's time studying on campus in 2011, he attended an Executive Leadership Series Luncheon (ELS) where Dr. John C. Maxwell was the keynote speaker and was inspired by Maxwell's vision of joining leaders from each profession and organization from all corners of the globe.

Kenton Lee ('08)
Kenton Lee (SBL, '08) was inspired to design a better shoe by a visit to an AIDS/HIV orphanage in Kenya and engineered The Shoe That Grows.

Jerry Hannah ('99)
Jerry Hannah (SOD, '99), retired military and a retired minister, has accomplished much over his multiple careers. He recently wrote a book entitled ​Christianity and Islam: Fractured Family at War?​ with the goal of informing Christians about Islam.

Tomasz Kmiec ('14)
Tom Kmiec (RSG, '14) enrolled in the Robertson School of Government as a Canadian student who wanted to learn more about the American system. Recently, Tom decided to take the next step in his career in government and was nominated as the Conservative Party candidate for Calgary Shepard to compete in the next Canadian election set for October 19, 2015.

Darron Enns ('14)
Darron Enns, J.D. ('14), a California resident and graduate of the Regent Law School, recently became a Legislative Policy Analyst for the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office. He said, "What immediately drew me to Regent was that I noticed something different about Regent faculty and alumni - the light of Christ was shining through them."

Mike Brooks ('85)
Mike Brooks (SOE, '85) is a mission aviation specialist and full-time missionary assigned to Southeast Asia who received God's call to serve in missionary work during his second semester at Regent.

Daniel Jeter ('11)
Daniel Jeter (CAS, '11) comes from a mission-minded, international family and that background has a significant effect on his approach to his own life. He works in the international department at CBN and has been filming a personal documentary about an 80 year old blind Christian Palestinian woman who runs a school for the blind in Jerusalem.

Robert Bruton ('07)
Dr. Robert Bruton (SBL, '07) is a leadership expert who has spent over fifteen years ministering to the Roma people in Eastern Europe. Most recently, Bob and his wife Pat began an initiative called The Gypsy Project in a Gypsy church located in a village in Bulgaria.

Arlene Pellicane (SCA, '98)

Arlene Pellicane (SCA, ’98) is an author who focuses on strengthening families and the home environment through the books she writes. Arlene’s most recent book that she co-wrote with Dr. Gary Chapman, Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World, talks about the world children face today as a result of the “rapid advance and use of technology.”

Melissa Fuquay ('02)
Melissa Fuquay never imagined when she set foot on the Regent University campus that fourteen years later she would be serving her fellow government alumni. Today, Fuquay serves as the Regent University alumni director. She and her alumni team are the link to the thousands of Regent University alumni who have graduated from Regent University.

Anastasia Teng ('14)
Anastasia Teng (SPC, '14) is currently working in a post-doctoral fellowship position at the Behavioral Healthcare Consultants in Lancaster, PA, where she conducts neuropsychological evaluations and works with couples and families.

Jennifer Salcido ('12)
For almost a year, the people of the Kobani region have been under siege by ISIS, causing thousands to flee to Turkey in search of aide. Still others have fled to Erbil and Kurdistan, seeking refuge and security. When Jennifer Salcido ('12) traveled to Iraq, she had no idea of the impact these people would have on her life.

David Bosch ('13)
Dr. David Bosch (SBL, '13) is an assistant professor of Business Management at Asbury University where he recently received the Francis White Ewbank Award, Asbury's highest honor for teaching. In 2005, David and his wife started a development center in Iraq and went on to open and operate a Women's Center.

Ben Kay ('13)
Ben Kay (CAS, '13) serves as the Director of Adopt-A-Block ministries at The Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA. Ben describes Adopt-A-Block as "the heart beat ministry of The Dream Center that was birthed twenty years ago by a simple concept: building relationships through consistency and meeting peoples' needs."

Jack Barr ('06)
Jack Barr (SOE, ’06) and his wife Jana have spent the past nine years serving God by teaching at the International Community School in Bangkok, Thailand. Jack is also releasing his first book November 10th, called Failing at Fatherhood

Jimmy Schambach ('14)

Jimmy Schambach (SOD,’14) works with a ministry called M28, which is devoted to helping men and women who are in major life transitions as a result of substance abuse, incarceration, homelessness, and human trafficking.