Each February our campus celebrates Friends & Alumni Appreciation Month, a campaign dedicated to expressing gratitude for the support of our Regent friends and alumni. We thank you for your continued prayers and financial support! We hope you will enjoy this short video featuring a few of our students.

Our students also have the opportunity to submit thank you notes. Here are what our students are saying:

Mary Melber
Hometown: King George
Class of 2014
School of Education
Future plans: Teaching children with special needs, with a major focus on children diagnosed with autism.
Thank you note: As a woman blessed with 3 grown sons, 8 grandchildren, and a hubby of 40 years, I am truly grateful for your generosity. Thanks to your kindness and support, I am able to return to college and complete my Master's in Education. With the increasing costs of education, many seasoned learners may choose to not continue or further their learning. Every single supporter whose donation covers 20% of expenses, opens the door to another student in need of bettering not only themselves, but also the future of those in whom they will eventually choose to work. Your kindness and financial support is outreaching to not only the student, but also the future of those the student has studied in preparation to become a major contributor in his/her own right!

Stephen Els
Hometown:  Dullstroom - Mpumalanga - South Africa
Class of 2015
School of Business & Leadership
Future plans: This degree is helping me run my small business much more effectively. Providing employment is important to me, and this degree is giving me the tools to keep ahead.
Thank you note:  Dear Donors Thank you so much for your generosity. Without your contribution this MBA course would have been completely out of my reach. I am deeply touched by your commitment to give, and your recognition of the value of tertiary education. Before starting this MBA I was running my business by instinct. Now that I am learning more, I have been enabled to be more strategic in my business management practice, and am able to spot some of the potholes on the road to growth. T The responsibility of being an employer is immense, seeing that so many families are dependent on the income my employees gain from their employment. I know that this MBA is enabling me to keep my business alive, and also equipping me to help the business grow. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for all this. Be blessed.

Donnovan Campbell

Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Class of 2016
College of Arts & Sciences
Future plans: I plan to become an accountant in a private firm to perform bookkeeping and later do auditing.
Thank you note: Thank you so much for your support. As a Regent student, I know that tuition and expenses are very expensive. I have fortunately been blessed with a scholarship that is helping me to pay for college. When you donate money and time, you are donating hope to the university. You are giving many students a chance to pursue higher learning to become “Christian leaders to change the world.” I as well as many here (including my parents) appreciate it. Right now I am preparing to finish several projects and quizzes. Thanks to God and God’s support through you, I have one less thing to handle as midterms and final exams approach.