Bringing Regent University to Your Backyard

Regent University alumni chapters and groups are quickly spreading across the U.S. and are continually growing in number, activities, and resources.

Below is a list of our currently established chapters and regional groups, including those under development. These programs are regionally based, allowing alumni to participate in any chapter nearest their place of residence, regardless of city or state boundaries. Find the region closest to you and stay up-to-date on all of the latest events, activities, and services available. Make sure you update your personal contact information in your account to ensure that you receive chapter communication.

Regional Chapters

Atlanta Metro Chapter
Barry Doublestein, President
Region: 50 mile radius of Atlanta, GA

New York City Metro Chapter
Rachel Cook, President
Region: 50 miles radius of New York City, NY

Central Florida Chapter
Keith Brickell, President
Region: 100 mile radius of Lakeland, FL

Raleigh-Durham Metro Chapter
Augusta Hayward, President 
Region: 75 mile radius of Raleigh, NC

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Chapter
Pamela Walters, President
Region: 100 mile radius of Dallas, TX

Richmond Metro Chapter
Kristie Helmick, President
Region: 50 mile radius of Richmond, VA

Hampton Roads Chapter
Region: Hampton Roads, VA

Washington, DC Metro Chapter
Chuck Paris, President
Region: 50 mile radius of Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles Metro Chapter
Presidency Vacant
Region: 50 mile radius of Los Angeles, CA

Regional Networks

Regional Networks provide an online networking forum for various regions, which allow alumni to easily exchange messages, plan casual events and get-togethers, and provide relevant resources and information for their area. Active regional networks can be considered for regional chapter status as funding becomes available.

Established Networks

Austin Network
Chair position vacant
Region: 75 mile radius of Austin, TX

Nashville Network
JoRae Dabbs, Chair
Region: 50 mile radius of Nashville, TN

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Network
Chair position vacant
Region: 50 mile radius of Cincinnati, OH
Philadelphia Network
Gina Diorio, Chair
Region: 40 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA
Houston Network
Irene Briggs, Chair
Region: 75 mile radius of Houston, TX

Pittsburgh Network
Mildred Johnson, Chair
Region: 60 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA 

Florida Panhandle
Carin Miller, Chair
Region: 50 mile radius of Navarre, FL
San Francisco/Bay Area Network
Penni McConnell, Chair
Region: 100 mile radius of San Francisco, CA
Kansas City, MO
Peter Rasmussen, Chair
Region: 100 mile radius of Kansas City
South Florida Network
Luisa Lopez, Chair
Region: 100 mile radius of Miami, FL
Lynchburg, VA
Chair position vacant
Region: 50 mile radius of Lynchburg
International Networks
Canada Network
Judith Vankevich, Chair

Nigeria Network
Kriz David, Chair

Don't see your region above? Below are the areas available for creating a group, pending the selection of a local group administrator for the region. If you're interested in serving as the administrator for one of these areas, please fill out our brief online application. Feel free to contact Paige Thiboldeaux at with any questions.

Birmingham, AL
85 mile radius

Indianapolis, IN
50 mile radius
Boston, MA
50 mile radius

Jacksonville, FL
75 mile radius
Buffalo, NY
100 mile radius

Knoxville-Kingsport, TN
100 mile radius

Charleston, SC
125 mile radius

Memphis, TN
125 mile radius

Charlotte, NC
50 mile radius

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
150 mile radius

Chattanooga-Cleveland, TN
50 mile radius

New Orleans, LA
125 mile radius

Cleveland, OH
60 mile radius

Oklahoma City, OK
100 mile radius

Columbus, OH
50 mile radius

Pacific Northwest (Seattle & Portland)
125 mile radius

Detroit, MI
75 mile radius

Phoenix, AZ
100 mile radius
Grand Rapids, MI
50 mile radius

Rocky Mountains CO (Colorado Springs & Denver)
150 mile radius

Harrisburg, PA
50 mile radius

San Diego, CA
50 mile radius

Hartford, CT
50 mile radius

St. Louis, MO
125 mile radius

Questions about our regional alumni program?

Office of Alumni Relations
888.294.ALUM Toll Free

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