Executive Board

Tim Pettman, '15
School of Law

Tim is a third year law student who hails from Bedford, Virginia. He is an “old soul” who loves to read. He also enjoys writing and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. He looks forward to a lifetime of learning.

Mattalin Manning, '17
Executive Vice President
College of Arts & Sciences

Mattalin is a sophomore studying strategic communication and plans to become a broadcast journalist. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sarah Dimovski, '16
Vice President of Administration
College of Arts & Sciences

Sarah is a junior in the Christian ministry program in the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to serving as the Vice President of Administration for SAA, she is a resident adviser in the Regent commons. Upon obtaining her Bachelor’s, she plans to continue on in Christian ministry and leadership. 

Joshua Griffin, '18
Vice President of Society78
College of Arts & Sciences

Joshua is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences studying business with an emphasis in economics. Already starting strong, Joshua is part of the Student Alumni Ambassador program, the Student Activities Board, and Enactus. He plans to start a running club at Regent during his time here. 

John Mathias, '15
Vice President of Development
School of Law

John Mathias is a third year law student at Regent. He studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania and wants to promote political speech. He is the Vice President of Development for SAA and is a cat and poncho enthusiast.

Nathaniel Santiago, '15
Vice President of Constitutional Affairs
College of Arts & Sciences

Nathaniel is a senior pursuing his bachelor’s in Government. In addition to serving as the Vice President of Constitutional Affairs for SAA, he serves as a resident assistant in the Regent Commons. He is also a member of both the Intramural Sports Board and Young Americans for Freedom. Nathan seeks to become a JAG in the United States Marine Corps after graduation. 

Amanda Silva, '16
Vice President of Spiritual Life
College of Arts & Sciences

Amanda is a junior studying communications in the College of Arts and Sciences. In addition to serving in SAA for her third year, Amanda is in her second year of serving as a life group leader on campus. Amanda is passionate about people and desires to change the world for Christ.

Katrina Williams, '15
Vice President of Community Relations
College of Arts & Sciences

Katrina is a senior pursuing her Bachelor’s in psychology. She is currently interning at Christian Psychotherapy Associates, and is serving SAA as the Vice President of Community Relations.


Melissa Bevenuto, '18
College of Arts & Sciences

Melissa is an undergraduate student studying government with an emphasis in pre-law. She hopes to work with the American Center for Law and Justice. In her free time, Melissa enjoys listening to music, hanging with friends/family, and watching the FoodNetwork.

Juliette Bjork, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

Juliette is a sophomore majoring in business with an emphasis in marketing. She handles media and marketing for Back2Basics Music and Theatre camps and hopes to go into wedding and event planning after college. 

Robyn Gonnerman, '15
College of Arts & Sciences

Robyn is a senior pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in psychology. This is her fourth year both at Regent and in SAA. She is from Boston, Massachusetts, but she spent her summer in Los Angeles, California, interning at the Dream Center serving in their youth ministry. Robyn looks forward to integrating what she has learned on the east and west coasts into her professional life after graduation. 

Janine Hatcher, '18
College of Arts & Sciences

Janine is a freshman pursuing her bachelor’s in business with an emphasis in economics. In addition to serving as an avid member of SAA, Janine also performs on the Dance Team. She desires to use her obtained knowledge and skills to become an executive officer in a financial institution. 

Hope Hukkeri, '16
College of Arts & Sciences

Hope Hukkeri is pursuing a double major in communications and theatre. She sings with First Edition: Regent University’s Primiere A Capella Group and currently serves as the group’s treasurer. Hope is passionate about her studies and is excited to see what God has in store for her.

Paige Hines, '15
School of Law

Paige Hines is a native of Maryland and is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Law program with a concentration in non-profit management. She is active in her local and national church—holding leadership positions in the youth and young adult ministries. Her passion is assisting young adults discovering their passion for Christ and purpose in life.

Fatemia Johnson, '17
School of Business & Leadership

Fatemia completed her Bachelor’s of Arts in cinema television at Regent University in the fall of 2014. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration with a focus in entrepreneurship. Her goals are to own and operate a Christian production company and etiquette and arts school for young children. 

Ilona Manzyuk, '16
School of Law

Ilona is a second year law student from Sacramento, CA. In addition to serving as an SAA member, she is Vice President of the International Law Society. Upon completing her law school education, she hopes to practice as an adoption attorney as well as in the areas of non-profit organization and immigration. 

Rebecca Marshall, '15
College of Arts & Sciences

Rebecca is a senior pursuing her bachelor’s in animation. In addition to serving as a Student Alumni Ambassador, Rebecca serves as a prayer representative for The Christian Broadcasting Network’s The 700 Club. She is active in her church as a prayer warrior and wants to work for CBN’s Superbook when she graduates and help bring children to the Lord.

Alicia Mathis, '15
College of Arts & Sciences

Alicia is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s in communication and a minor in leadership. When she graduates in May, she wants to work for non-profits fighting to end human trafficking.

Rachael Monnin, '16
Robertson School of Government

Rachael is pursuing a Master’s of Public Administration in the School of Government. She is currently claiming Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma as “home states.” Rachael is active in her community and participates in sailing and swing dancing in Hampton Roads. She is eagerly anticipating using her degree for the community.

Elainna M. Nazzario, '16
School of Psychology & Counseling

Elainna is studying to become a licensed professional counselor with the goal of becoming a marriage and family therapist. Her faith in God is strong, and she thanks her family and God for bringing her to Regent. She has a toy poodle named Minnie. She completed her undergraduate studies in criminal justice at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

LaToya Perry, '15
School of Psychology & Counseling

LaToya is in her final year of the clinical mental health counseling program to obtain her master’s degree. In addition to serving in her third year as an ambassador, LaToya is the president of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Regent Chapter. Her central passion is her pursuit as a Christian musical artist. In addition, LaToya wants to counsel families and mentor teenagers to create a lasting and positive influence in their lives.

James Vyvyan, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

James is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is majoring in Biblical studies. Worship and missions hold huge spots in his heart, and he hopes to get involved with worship and the local church after graduating. James is passionate about the church in America and hopes to shine the light of Christ both in and out of the church.

Mervin Walls, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

Mervin is a sophomore pursuing his bachelor’s in business. He enjoys intramural sports such as basketball and track & field. He is also a devoted Christian committed to grow in his faith every single day. With his degree he intends on impacting the business world by showing God's love.