Executive Board

Joshua Griffin, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

Joshua is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying business with an emphasis in economics. Already starting strong, Joshua is part of the Student Alumni Ambassador program, the Student Activities Board, and Enactus. He plans to start a running club at Regent during his time here. 

Elissa Perry, '17
Vice President of Administration
College of Arts & Sciences

Elissa is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications and plans to attend graduate school upon graduation. She also is a part of the Student Activities Board and is the public relations manager for Regent's chapter of CUFI on campus. She plans to use her degree to go into the public relations field and honor God with the work she will be doing.

Aubrèa Shackleford, '18
Vice President of Community Relations
College of Arts & Sciences

Aubrea is a sophomore at Regent and is studying Communications. In addition to serving in SAA and other organizations on campus, Aubrea enjoys all things music and fashion. She hopes to one day make an impact for Christ in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Melissa Benvenuto, '18
Vice President of Constitutional Affairs
College of Arts & Sciences

Melissa is an undergraduate student studying government with an emphasis in pre-law. She hopes to work with the American Center for Law and Justice. In her free time, Melissa enjoys listening to music, hanging with friends/family, and watching the FoodNetwork.

Katherine Person, '17
Vice President of Spiritual Life
College of Arts & Sciences

Katherine Person is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is currently pursuing a degree in International Studies and plans to continue on to medical school upon graduation. Music is her passion and she plans to continue to use it, in addition to her studies, to serve God and the people around her.


Juliette Bjork, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

Juliette is a senior majoring in business with an emphasis in marketing. She handles media and marketing for Back2Basics Music and Theatre camps and hopes to go into wedding and event planning after college. Juliette currently works full-time in Regent's Human Resources department. 

Megan Dunnington, '19
College of Arts & Sciences

Megan is an apprentice for Campus Ministries working on the Journey together. She is an Elementary Education major looking to teach 3rd grade one day. She has incredible passionate about education and Jesus, and hopes to better the school systems little by little with the help of her faith.

Morgan Earnst, '18
College of Arts & Sciences

Morgan is an undergrad student studying business with an emphasis in general management. She is a sophomore living on campus. Her interests include watching movies with friends and attending swing dance club. After graduation she hopes to get a job that allows her to travel around the world. 

Christian Ellis, '18
College of Arts & Sciences

Christian is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor's in Business Management. Along with serving on SAA, he serves as the chapel coordinator for Campus Ministries and a project manager for Enactus. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue the business field and work in ministry.

Will James, '19
College of Arts & Sciences

Will is a freshman at Regent pursuing a major in Business. He enjoys playing intramural soccer and participates in swing dance club. He hopes to one day own his own publication business and be an author.

Mervin Walls, '17
College of Arts & Sciences

Mervin is a senior pursuing his bachelor’s in business. He enjoys intramural sports such as basketball and track & field. He is also a devoted Christian committed to grow in his faith every single day. With his degree he intends on impacting the business world by showing God's love.