Mentoring Community

Welcome to the Regent University Alumni Association online mentoring community. The community was created to make it simple for both students and alumni to locate alumni in their field of study or job industry who are interested in mentoring others. 

While a job opportunity may result from a mentor/mentee relationship, mentees are encouraged not to exclusively seek job opportunities as a result of their mentor relationships, but rather to cultivate a relationship with their mentor that enables the mentee to seek guidance, counsel, and professional insight regarding their career field. Mentor volunteers are not required to provide job opportunities for mentees.

If you have any questions regarding your mentoring profile or the mentoring community, please contact our Manager of Alumni Online Strategies, Michelle McGrath, at

To get started, please click on the link that describes your purpose...

* Please understand that while Regent University is happy to facilitate a forum to encourage mentor relationships to develop, Regent does not guarantee the results, outcomes, or experiences that either mentor or mentee may have as a participant in the mentoring community.