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Director of Regent's ICW Releases Album

"There's just so much energy and power in these tracks," said David M. Edwards, creative director of Regent University's International Center for Worship (ICW). "People just get up out of their seats and start dancing and moving to it—it elicits a response from people."

On Tuesday, May 21, Edwards released his latest album, Heart Full of Soul, into the digital music marketplace. Though long-time listeners of his music will notice a slight stylistic change with the adopted "rhythm and blues" and "neo-soul" tones in his songs, Edwards explained that this twelve-track album is a true, transparent expression of his "gospel roots"—who he truly is as an artist.

"It's probably the most proud I've ever been of a project," said Edwards. "I couldn't be happier with it."

Heart Full of Soul is Edwards' tenth foray into music recording. He explained that the songs on the album were influenced by the "rhythms and counter rhythms" of the Caribbean and South America, as well as the "inner-cities" of Cincinnati and Miami, where Edwards was raised. His father—also a veteran of the music industry—spurred the admiration of artists such as Andrae' Crouch and Elvis Presley into Edwards' musical style.

"Our lives are the sum total response of every experience and everything we've ever been through," said Edwards. "So for me, I think all of that stuff goes into the mix of who I am as a person."

However, popular artists and the sounds and rhythms emanating from the streets of the cities that he calls home are not, according to Edwards, the sole influences of his music. His passion for worship coincides with his desire to see others express their love for God through many different styles and methods.

"There is a rich tapestry of worship here, and that's what I love about Regent," said Edwards. "And I think that the music on this record is certainly reflective of that."

Edwards, through his teaching and leadership with ICW, encourages his students not to commit the "sin of preference" when it comes to worship, but to divulge in the wide-range of styles of worship within the Body of Christ.

"The beautiful thing about Regent is that it doesn't matter if you're Catholic, Baptist, Nazarene or Pentecostal; what matters is that we all come together under the blood-stained banner of Christ," said Edwards. "It's not about the style of worship or how we do it; it's about where our hearts are in all of it."

While Edwards embraces this album as both a worship leader and an artist, he also earnestly hopes Heart Full of Soul will encourage his musical followers to adapt to the same diversity of worship he has witnessed at Regent and within the ICW.

"Regent has been so supportive of me as an artist, and I think my listeners can really see that the university embraces me," said Edwards. "But I also want them to see how Regent embraces the diverse styles of praise and worship music."

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