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Tracy Porter ('11)

Dr. Tracy H. Porter (SBL, 2011), has been an active member of the business and academic community for over 20 years. Currently, she is with the Department of Management of Cleveland State University where she teaches various courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Porter received her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in 2011 and also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Towson University.   

When asked what brought her to Regent Dr. Porter replies that it was her husband’s job with the navy that led her to Hampton Roads, but it was Regents reputation which brought her to the School of Business and Leadership. “Regent honestly changed my life in ways I could not have anticipated. The spiritual component allowed me to openly practice my faith in a way no other university had in the past. Going through a doctoral program is unlike any other degree. It changes how you view the world, how you address problems, and how to craft out solutions. Having a doctoral program which was built upon Biblical principles has affected the way in which I practice my profession.”

One of the reasons that Tracy chose Regent was due to the unique programs where the first year saw an active involvement in projects, writing, and research presentations during conferences. According to Dr. Porter, “Many colleagues I have met in higher education did not have such an applied perspective to their learning. Regent taught me how to do things instead of simply the theory behind it.  Now I try to incorporate applied learning in my own classrooms.”

Dr. Porter began her career in the health care field where she ran various large medical practices which then led her into management consulting where she would move into practices for up to a year, take over, make any necessary changes, hire her replacement, and move on.  A number of years and a family later, Porter began to think about the next step in her life. “The long hours were challenging but, I wanted to stay in a professional job. Higher education looked like a good fit for me even though I had no experience in this field. Once I began teaching I was hooked!  Not only did I appreciate the freedom the career offered me I found I adored the opportunity to help students.  I had found my life’s passion.”

Tracy has spent the last 15 years in higher education and continues to see the rewards. “Each day I have a front row seat on watching people achieve their dreams and that is incredible.  As a professor it is my job to encourage, challenge, and act as cheerleader to students. Many of our students have busy lives filled with family, jobs, and life’s problems. Therefore, I need to do whatever I can to encourage them not to quit their studies.”

In addition to teaching, Dr. Porter is also using her time and talents by working with students who are assisting Veterans.  The students are part of Cleveland State University’s lauded Society of Human Resources Management chapter.  Of the program Dr. Porter says “I am so proud of what our students are doing.  Once a month, they go to the Wade Park Veterans Administration and help veterans develop a resume.  Students sit with the veterans one on one asking questions, coaching, and helping them to see that they have phenomenal skills.”

We wish Dr. Porter all the best as she continues to take Christian leadership into her classroom and daily influence her students for Him.  If you would like to contact Dr. Porter, you can reach her at