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Arroyo Appointed as Education Dean

Veteran administrator and faculty member Dr. Alan A. Arroyo has been named by Regent University's Board of Trustees to again serve as dean of the School of Education.

Arroyo previously served as dean of the school from 1996-2012, which was a time of significant growth in both programs and enrollment. Arroyo stepped down in 2012 to focus on teaching and research.

"Alan enjoys a strong reputation as an educational leader in our regional and national education community and formed a number of strategic partnerships for us," said Dr. Paul J. Bonicelli, Regent's executive vice president. "We are pleased to welcome him back as dean and look forward to continued growth in the School of Education and continued impact as our alumni positively touch the lives of children in classrooms across the nation."

Arroyo has co-authored more than 15 books and articles that range from dealing with school discipline issues to meeting the needs of students with disabilities. His current research interests are in the areas of leadership, character education, and building resilience in youth. Most recently, Arroyo co-edited The Secret Kingdom for Educators, which helps educators tap into the kingdom of God as they go about their day-to-day activities as teachers and leaders in public, private or home-school settings.

"While I'm thoroughly blessed by my 16 months as a full-time faculty member, I am ready to reassume the dean duties," said Arroyo. "Working with students, faculty, staff and alumni is truly a blessing."

Arroyo came to Regent in 1986 as director of academic services and assistant professor of education. He established the university's distance learning program in his capacity as dean of extended learning. He was also a chief architect for what is now called the Center for Teaching & Learning, Regent's major faculty development division.

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