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International Center for Worship Hosts Summit

"What I do here is what I want to do all over the world," said David M. Edwards, creative director of Regent University's International Center for Worship (ICW). "I want to look for people that I can bring to ICW that embody humility; who are successful, but stay on their face before God."

Bringing people together for the purpose of worshiping God is, according to Edwards, where power comes from. From Friday, Sept. 20-Saturday, Sept. 21, Edwards and the ICW hosted the Gospel Heritage Worshiper's Summit. There, more than 400 men and women from the Hampton Roads area as well as the mid-Atlantic region gathered to celebrate, learn and worship together. 

"It's so great to see people come into a fresh relationship with the Lord," said Edwards. "And as a result, their worship becomes more meaningful personally as well as corporately." 

The summit featured guest musical artists Marantha and Earl Bynum, as well as several leaders and speakers within the gospel community such as Bishop B. Courtney McBath '98 (Divinity) and his wife Pastor Janeen McBath '13 (Divinity), founders of the Calvary Alliance of Churches and Ministries. 

"These are the people that I like to give a platform here, and as a result, the event really evolved into something larger—it was more global, and it was obviously of the Kingdom," said Edwards. 

Also joining the weekend-long summit was Dr. Teresa Hairston, founder of the Gospel Heritage Foundation as well as renowned speaker, author and former on-air host of the Gospel Today television show. Hairston explained that her involvement with the Gospel Heritage Worshiper's Summit aligns with what she feels her calling truly is. 

"Anytime God does something, He speaks it into the atmosphere, and those who are sensitive to His voice hear it," said Hairston. "So, everything that we do together is not just information, it's a confirmation." 

When it comes to her calling for worship ministry, Hairston has had 30 years of confirmation—and being involved with the Gospel Heritage Worship Summit was no exception. She began playing the piano at the age of four, and ever since has been musically involved in the life of the church body. Her passion for this ministry fueled her founding and initial publishing of Gospel Today magazine. 

"I believe that this worship movement is setting us up for the last season before the return of our Savior, and that's why we have to get in a position now as people of the Kingdom and people of a worship mindset, and a worship that is not relegated to a musical style but is a lifestyle," said Hairston. 

In her role as a leader in ministry, Hairston is sent to areas all over the world. She explained that partnering with places like Regent builds bridges and tears down barriers. To further this effort, she hopes to one day even bring in an accredited facet to similar summits, bringing an official educational component to learning about worship. 

"We're not limited by anything, and this weekend was just an outer working of something that has already been spoken before the creation of time," said Hairston. "We're just walking into it and have the mandate of God over our lives to do this." 

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