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Randall Bach ('08)

Randall Bach (SBL, '08) was elected to be the President of Open Bible Churches in 2011, after servings with the organization since he was in college. The mission of Open Bible Churches is to "make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and send missionaries." Bach started serving at Open Bible College as a part time staff person and by age 24 became the vice president. At age 29, he became the college president. He says of that experience, "I could not possibly have been qualified, but I responded to the call."

When asked about his role with Open Bible Churches and how he came into his current position, Bach says, "Open Bible Churches invited me to serve as director of Christian education and youth. That responsibility morphed over the years into responsibilities for communication and administration. I then was asked to serve as a regional director for the Eastern quadrant of the country and had the opportunity to learn about and help churches through pastoral and other transitions, conflict resolution, and other arenas of church life. In 2011, ministers and church delegates elected me to serve as president of our Association of churches and ministers. I delight in every day service, now collaboratively working with our regional and global directors to pursue mission and vision in the most fruitful ways possible."

When asked about life verses and what drives him, Bach says that he is inspired "to hold to a long-term commitment and consistency, because Christ offers that to me. 'Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.' Hebrews 10:23 (NLT). The related resolve is the observation by someone that a mark of excellence upon a Christian is if it would be said at the end of his or her life, 'He/she was faithful, fruitful, and finished well.' If that could be said of me as an assessment of my life journey, I will feel complete."

When asked if anything about his journey or current position surprises him, Bach replies "At this juncture of life and service it is no longer a surprise but a continually confirmed revelation - character always trumps charismata. I have seen many shooting stars of charisma with incredible gifts and talents flame out and crash. How I esteem the stalwarts of character who faithfully stay the course with lives that are a testimony to Christ. I value balance in all things because I want to make a substantive difference instead of just a splash or explosion."

Bach's encouragement and advice to alumni is "When you are on top, remember that it was not all your doing. God and others have gone before you. When you are at the bottom, remember that God has not forgotten about you. He knows exactly where you are and is intimately aware of all your circumstance. I challenge people to live life as debtors. Jesus paid my sin debt, which I exchanged for a love debt. Accordingly, I own nothing. Where I live, what I drive, what I do, even my person, I own none of them. I am but a steward of everything I touch. I live and do because I owe, and it is my joy to give back to Him. It is a liberating way to live."

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