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Jada Jackson ('09) & ('10)

Jada Jackson (CAS ’09, and SPC ’10), supermodel, professional counselor, radio talk show host and TV news show host is quick to give God the glory.  Using her platform for Him, Jada says that her faith in God “is the core of who I am.” Coming out of difficult circumstances, Jada has become an influential woman who is passionate to impact lives for the Lord.  

Working and travelling the world for ten years as a supermodel and as the commentator and spokes- model for Ebony Fashion Fair, the largest travelling fashion show in the world, Jada was able to use her influence to make a positive impact in the lives of many young women.  During that time, Jada had the opportunity to model for Oscar de la Renta, Ana Sui, Vivienne Westwood, Christian La Croix, and Valentino which gave her a unique perspective into the fashion world.   Currently, she continues to work in the fashion industry in a variety of ways including running the Modeling Institute for women (18-35) where she teaches about the fashion modeling industry and holistic health.  

She says that even while working as a supermodel she knew she needed a “back up plan” and had counseling in the back of her mind as the next step.   As she travelled with Fashion Fair she met many girls who looked up to and wanted to be like her but had poor body image.  Jada has built on her experience and continues to work with girls even developing mentoring programs for them. 

Now working with Total Life Counseling, the largest private counseling company in Florida, Jada counsels many people, especially young women, to help them find healing, truth, health and more of the fullness of life that God created them to walk in.  Jada, a Nationally Certified Counselor, specializes in counseling for marriages, sexual abuse, eating disorders and self-esteem among other things.  She also runs counseling sessions where she works with groups of girls and teaches them skills that they can integrate into their lives.

Additionally, Jada is finishing a Ed.D, hosting a radio show and cohosting a television show, Emotional Mojo, bringing psychological perspectives and counsel.  She says that she sees her sphere of influence as God given and wants to use it for His glory, not her own. 

Jada said that even when she was young she was known as the girl who always had her Bible with her and that her faith is what keeps her grounded.  Though she does not work in a “Christian” counseling practice she prays with clients when appropriate and hopes that they, Christian or not, will be impacted by the Lord during the sessions. 

Jada remembers the emphasis on leadership at Regent University and wants to encourage Regent alumni to be intentional about being leaders, that that is what being a Christian is all about.