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Nathalie Jeter ('04)

When Nathalie Jeter was looking for a subject for her Journalism thesis. She decided to write about the need for a guidebook that would challenge Christian travelers to travel with purpose - not simply to be tourists, but to use their trips abroad as an opportunity to make an eternal difference through prayer.

The guidebook she has in mind would present the practical, fun, behind-the-scenes facts about the world's major cities but would also cover the Christian heritage information and provide prayer points for interceding for the city's residents.

"I discovered 'prayer-walking' the summer before my last year at Regent. I was in Paris for a month and was looking for possible ministry opportunities. I felt God dealing with me about walking around the city and praying for the things He put on my heart. It turned out to be a life-changing experience for me."

"I spent four years as a student and then another six years on staff with the School of Government. At times, I felt frustrated because serving as assistant to the dean was nowhere on my list of career goals. But looking back, I realize that God was allowing me to continue learning, growing, and being challenged by the two deans I had the privilege of serving, Dr. Charles Dunn and Dr. Gary Roberts."

Nathalie credits Regent with giving her access to many exciting opportunities, like interning for a Virginia senator in Washington, D.C., and serving as student liaison to Lech Walesa (the former president of Poland who helped bring down the Iron Curtain) during his campus visit. While on staff, she was the coordinator for RSG's Oxford Study Abroad Program and traveled to England every summer for six years.

"Oxford was definitely a highlight of my time at Regent. Some of my best friends and most incredible memories come from my time in England."