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Robert Skead ('93)

The author of multiple children's books, Robert Skead (COM, 1993), says of his writing, "I get ideas for stories and I never know when one might hit me. I could be at a New Jersey Nets game, watching TV or looking at an old baseball bat. If the ideas is good and big, I write it. And rewrite it. Again and again. Until it's just right. I guess you could say generating story ideas and writing is my gift.

I also love to inspire others to discover their gifts. Because when we use our gifts and talents to help others, purpose is born and life is fulfilled. To inspire. That's my goal...in my writing and speaking."

Robert Skead combines his talent and passion for writing and speaking and his heart for ministry to impact many lives. The author of multiple children's books share about his journey and offers encouragement in the interview below.

Tell us about yourself.
"Since I graduated from Regent, which were two of the most satisfying and fun years of my life, I've pursued a career as a writer. I started writing screenplays and faced the many walls and obstacles from not living in Los Angeles and was frustrated. I then started turning my ideas into children's books and have been blessed to have several published during the past 13 years. Your readers can visit www.robertskead.com for details. However, writing kids books doesn't pay all the bills, so I've worked in corporate communications for the past 20 years, where I also use my writing gift. Today, I serve as director of corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company in New York City. When I'm not busy with those activities, I'm doing my first love - ministry. I have been a league director for our local Upward Basketball league for nine years, giving more than 330 kids an opportunity to hear about Christ while involved in the game of basketball. And for 12 years, I've been an affiliate staff member of Athletes in Action, where I served as chaplain for the NY Red Bulls for ten years and today facilitate our big outreaches with New York area pro athletes. I also teach Sunday school."

What do you love about what you do and what are the greatest challenges?
"I love to spend time with my wife and kids, where most of our activities revolve around their busy sports schedules. Obviously, I love to write. The biggest challenge for me isn't writing...I do that in small chunks when I get an idea. The biggest challenge is selling what I've written. I have had three agents in my career who handle those activities, but when I'm in between agents, it's all up to me, and that is always challenging. But one has to have faith, and know and believe the Good Lord will open the doors in his time."

What fuels your creativity?
"My creativity is fueled by a desire to be faithful with whatever idea the Lord gives me and see it come to fruition. I try to keep myself in check to make sure I am never fueled by selfish ambition. I pray for that never to be the case all the time."

What is your favorite work that you have produced?
"My favorite story is called Patriots, Traitors & Spies, because I worked on it with my dad, who is now 87. We are Sons of the American Revolution and he did a big chunk of the story development with me. The book and its sequel come out in 2016 and 2017 by Zondervan."

What brought you to Regent and how did Regent impact you?
"The Regent commercials on the 700 Club brought me to Regent. I watched the show all the time with my mom when I was underemployed after college. About that time, I started getting ideas for stories and I had no clue what to do with them. My mom suggested I go to Regent and I was wise enough at that age to listen to her. Moms know us best and are always right. She certainly was - attending Regent was a huge blessing to me, not only for what I learned there but because of the people I met and became friends with who helped shape me. I honestly would not be a published author had it not been for my training there and the people I got close to who had common goals and helped me get better as a writer."

Do you have any advice or encouragement for alumni?
"Be flexible. The Lord may use you in a way different than you expect or went to Regent to work toward.
Be persistent. No door worth going through opens quickly or easily.
Be prayerful. Prayer does prompt change, and with prayer behind you, you can wait or move forward with confidence.
Be faithful. Develop your God-given talents the best you can. Trust the Lord to do the rest.
Be available. God will use you.
Be patient. I wanted to sell a screenplay right out of Regent. I wanted it badly, deeply, and passionately. I worked hard at writing and rewriting and networking, and grew EXTREMELY frustrated when things didn't happen in my time. It took a beautiful letter from another Regent grad, Matt Sommer, who was my internship boss, to cool my jets and give me perspective. Thank you, Matt, for your Godly wisdom (I still have the letter). I still hope to sell a screenplay and have several that are marketable, and I network to get the right eyes on them from time to time. It may never happen, and I'm ok with that, but I believe it will, someday soon, when the timing is just right. The one thing about God is He is always right on time."

Please join us as we wish Robert Skead the best and pray that the Lord continues to work mightily through his writing and ministries.