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Dori Fileccia ('13)

In addition to being a full-time wife, mother, graduate student and director of operations for an executive leadership/recruitment firm, Dori is investing her time and talents in impacting the local and international community. Dori is working to help rescue individuals from dire situations locally and internationally with I Will Stand International and has also created the Hampton Roads Women's Leadership Forum, which is providing a platform for leading women to collaborate with and encourage each other. 

Tell us about the things you are involved in and why you chose to be involved in them.
"I sit on the Board of Directors for I Will Stand International, a human trafficking and domestic violence rescue organization. We rescue women in the US and Rwanda. This past December we had the privilege of honoring more than 50 prostituted women in Rwanda who want to be rescued from the life they've been stuck in. We hosted a Christmas party for them and were able to provide them with Bibles in their native language. My passion for the organization comes out of my own personal experiences of abuse. I remember believing for so long that there was no hope for me. Now I know that was a lie, so I want to make sure that women know there are resources available to them and people who love them and want to help."

"At the end of 2013, I started a group called Hampton Roads Women's Leadership Forum to try and bring together women leaders all over the area who can network, encourage, collaborate, and learn from one another as we share experiences and place ourselves under the teaching of various renowned leaders in our area who are willing to meet with us to share their insights and lessons learned over time."

"In my full-time job, I work with technology clients all over the US to help them build their leadership teams. It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy working with executives to help them find what they need to suit the culture of their teams and their companies."

"Additionally, while completing my BS at Regent, I was given the opportunity to travel to Rwanda with a fantastic team of multi-talented Regent students. While in Rwanda, I was able to work with several organizations, conducting leadership training at multiple levels. It helped to open some doors for future opportunities. One of the many things Regent has given to me. I also had my proposal accepted by the International Leadership Association to speak at the annual global conference this year on my work in Rwanda in 2012."

What motivates you?
"My 'life' verse is Psalm 37:4, 'Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.' Why? Because the focus is not on's ultimately on Him. The verse isn't about me getting what I want. It's about me focusing on delighting in Him...focusin on Him and what HE wants for me, making His desires my desires, and going after the things HE wants for me, not the selfish ambitions I may have. It is withing this context that I will get the desires of my heart because those desires will be in line with HIS desires. It is in that place that there is peace and my life brings glory to Him. That is what motivates me."

How would you describe yourself?
"Mild mannered blonde by day, superhero by night...trying not to fall on my face as I do EVERYTHING wearing flip flops!!! Even in 15 degree weather! Yep! That's what you'll find me in!"

"I was born and raised in Virginia Beach; raised in the church, saved at 7 years old; studied piano and voice all my life and was a praise and worship leader for several years. I am blessed to have the most perfect, beautiful 22 year old CRAZY, creative daughter, Gabrielle, who loves Jesus, too! And, I'm married to a sweet, hard-working, loving husband, Carl. I love animals and am the 'mom' to an 11 month old, 150 pound St. Bernard puppy, Samson, who I just adore; a 5 year old, grumpy English Bulldog, Daisy, whose under bite is so pronounced, she looks like the Predator (I guess I'd be grumpy, too); and a sweet 10 year old chow-chow, Dolly; plus, four rescued cats. What can I say...rescuing those in need is something we specialize in our family."

How has your time at Regent University impacted you?
"Regent is a great school. Academically, it's tough. The hours you need to dedicate to your studies in order to do well are intense, but the education is top notch because the professors are top notch. It has strengthened me spiritually, strengthened me in my ability to relate to others and in my profession. The friendships I've made will be lifelong and that's pretty cool, too! The encouragement that I have received from my professors has been something unlike I've ever experienced academically. For example, it is because of a professor, Dr. Almarie Munley, that I was given the opportunity to speak at an international leadership forum. Regent affords you opportunities that are impactful and exciting."

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for alumni?
"Your journey of learning doesn't end when you graduate. Regent is a stepping stone to send you out into the world to make a difference. It's more than just getting an education; it's about creating you to be the whole person God intends for you to be. Regent is one resource for setting you on that path. Continue to see God in life and always look for ways to increase your territory for bringing Him glory...I guess that goes along with the Regent mantra, 'Christian leadership to change the world.' Those aren't just go do it!!!"