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Harold Biswas ('01)

Harold Biswas ('01) was born and raised in South Asia but left his native country of Bangladesh in the fall of 1999 to come to Regent University as a MBA student.  His time at Regent began when he went to a Christian Business Group’s annual gathering in Sweden in 1998.  While there he met the former dean of Regent’s business school where he was encouraged to apply to the MBA program. According to Biswas, “That and the establishment of my Biblical worldview and market-place calling are two of the most significant things I gained from my time at Regent. I know that any business carried out ethically and legally, or any profession done whole-heartedly does indeed fulfill God’s market-place calling in our lives.”

After graduating from Regent, his first job was in a local media company’s advertising department where he was hired to support sales teams with market and consumer research data. While working in the US, Biswas faced adversity when his employment-based U.S. Immigration paperwork began to develop serious complications due to reasons beyond his control. Because of that issue, Biswas and his family had to abruptly leave the U.S. and move to Canada. Thankfully, he was able to return to the U.S. as a permanent resident and eventually renewed his relationship with the previous employer where he worked for a little over a year.  During that time, he helped the company launch B2B Lead Generation programs in their four core markets utilizing business analytics tools and the company’s CRM system. Recently Biswas started working for a global supply chain solutions company that has substantial operations in several dozen countries.  “We need to recognize that everything that is out there, whether markets, businesses or resources has been given to us to steward; we are not the owners, God is and we are merely stewarding what He has put in our hands. While we, as God’s children, should become the envy of the world for our excellence, work ethic, knowledge and entrepreneurial brilliance, we must deal with the people and things that come our way with Godly love and compassion.”