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Regent Reads Celebrates Heroes

Though school is out for many children in the Hampton Roads community, their opportunity to learn is still in full session during the summer months.

On Tuesday, July 1, the Regent University Library launched its fourth year of Regent Reads: a weekly story time series for children ages 5-9 throughout the month of July.

"Regent University Library's summer reading program is a great opportunity to share our love of books, reading and storytelling with children in the local community," said Dr. Sara Baron, dean of the University Library. "By featuring heroes from the Bible and heroes from today, we are able to celebrate Christ's work through people such as Noah, David and Moses."

In addition to teaching the community's young learners about Biblical heroes of the Old Testament, Regent Reads will also guide students through learning about modern-day heroes such as teachers, farmers and military veterans.

For the inaugural Regent Reads of the season, Regent's own heroes, Eric Harrell, associate professor for the School of Communication & the Arts, and Sam Brownell, lead maintenance specialist, read the stories of Noah's Ark by Katherine Sully and Let's Meet a Veterinarian by Gina Bellisario.

The animal-friendly stories came to life for Regent Reads participants with the help of Jessie Comba, youth program director for the Virginia Beach SPCA, and her furry kitten-friend, Marxy.

Comba, who has worked with the SPCA for two years, shared little-known facts about animals, and relished the ability to be able to teach children about her passionate care for them.

"I think it's important for them to learn respect and compassion and responsibility for animals and also for their peers and their friends," said Comba. "Taking care of a pet shows them that you have to treat others, not just yourself, with kindness."

Aimee Byman and her three children, second-year Regent Reads participants, enjoyed Comba's special visit. Byman explained that as the parent of home-schooled children, she is thankful for Regent's contribution to her children's activities.

"Having a program that is God-focused is really important to us," said Byman. "It's nice to come here and have stories and interactions that are centered on Christ."

That, ultimately, is what Baron hopes will keep participants and their families returning year after year.

"While we strive to pique participants' interest in books, stories and professions shared, our biggest goal with the summer reading program is that the children and their families will be blessed during their time at Regent University," said Baron.

This free series will continue every Tuesday at 10 a.m. throughout the month of July at the University Library.

Learn more about the University Library and the Summer Reading Program.